Web & mobile solutions

Manage your incentive campaigns online!

  • Simple and easy to use fully autonomously

  • Reward objectives achieved in real time

  • Follow the results online

  • Choose gifts in the rewards space

  • 100% secure: private, individual access with login and password

  • Personalised with the colours of your company

Digital solutions to boost sales

  • The pathParticipant

    With the Stim&Go tool, they can:

    • Find out about the campaign objectives

    • Follow the results online

    • View the points earned

    • Choose gifts in the rewards space

    • Track the delivery of orders

  • The pathAdministrator

    With the Stim&Go tool, you can:

    • Define your objectives and your targets
    • Reward objectives achieved
    • Manage your parameters (points awarded, budget, reports)
    • Personalise with your colours
    • Incentivise your participants
    • Manage and guide your operations in real time
  • The STIM&GOsupport team
    • A team dedicated to your project

    • All our digital projects are developed in house

    • A team on a human scale, agile and responsive

    • Provision of web services

    • A secure IT infrastructure

    • 15 years’ experience in the sector