Travel solution, experience box and many more

Explore the world!

Aim for emotion with our incentive trips



  • Choice from among a selection of package deals put together by tourism professionals.

  • Offer several destinations for the same budget and allow your beneficiaries to choose.



  • Place the incentive trip at the heart of your communication strategy and count on individual emotion to ensure collective mobilisation.

  • Accentiv' takes care of organising an incentive trip that meets your expectations in all four corners of the world.



Offer special moments through Experience Boxes

  • With a Bongo gift box, you offer a real experience.

  • Each Bongo suggests a range of formulas, divided into five categories: stay, gastronomy, well-being, adventure and mix.

  • Dozens of ideas with something to suit every preference. The beneficiary chooses the formula they like best.

  • The range covers 70 Bongo gift boxes with a total of 4,000 formulas.

  • Stay-Gastronomy-Well-being-Adventure-Mix


Make international as easy as local

  • Backed up by a presence in 45 countries, we offer you an international range of reward solutions.

  • Whether you need gift vouchers for the Benelux, the UK, Germany or elsewhere, we have the solutions.

  • Thanks to Global Reward, our dedicated multinational offer, run your campaigns in over 80 countries through a single multilingual platform.


Our tailor-made solutions

  • Open to digital progress, together with our customers we are constantly developing customised services adapted to specific expectations: App, API, closed Mastercard network, e-code, etc.