B2B prepaid Mastercard

A world of freedom

  • A rechargeable, prepaid Mastercard®.

  • Secured by a chip and a PIN code.

  • A nominative card that can be personalised with your colours.

  • Can be used in store and online, in Belgium and abroad, across the entire Mastercard® network (i.e. over 35 million stores)

  • Give your brand and your audience a feeling of prestige, value and recognition.

Choose for innovation



  • Powerful marketing tool, image of modernity and differentiation

  • High spending ceilings

  • Rechargeable from distance

  • Exclusive services for your beneficiaries: personal space online, interactive voice server, multilingual dedicated helpdesk, etc.

  • Upload notice sent by e-mail

  • Possibility of personalising all services with your colours



  • Secured by a confidential code (PIN code)

  • Delivered deactivated

  • Activation code sent to the beneficiary by post

  • Can be frozen and reissued if lost or stolen

  • Statement of expenditure and balance can be consulted online

  • Meets international standards against fraud and money laundering: cash withdrawal deactivated, games of chance excluded, etc.