a wonder to behold!

Chimay is all about creating an authentic flavour for the senses.

Chimay Gold

As its name suggests, Chimay Gold has an intense golden hue, with a tight, creamy head. It is a light blond ale (4.8%) bearing a hint of orange peel. Its flavour exhibits a delicate combination of fresh hop and coriander.

Did you know?

The « Trappist » logo certifies that the beer and cheese are produced
in the immediate surroundings of the the Abbey, under the supervision of the monks,
and the lion's share of the income goes to social causes.

Looking back

Brewed in the heart of Scourmont Abbey, for a long time Chimay Gold was reserved for the monastic community, their guests and their workers.
It hit the market in 2013 to the delight of its fans.

To be sampled
with Chimay cheese

Chimay Gold and Chimay cheeses, especially Poteaupré, the cream of Trappist cheeses, are a match made in heaven. All Chimay cheeses are made from 100% regional milk from Coferme, a dairy cooperative based in Chimay that brings together 200 farmers within 40 km of the abbey.

Chimay Gold, the light and refreshing
trappist beer for your summer drinks!